San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo is a zoo in Midtown San Antonio, Texas, United States, and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It is situated in Brackenridge Park in the city. With an annual attendance of more than 1 million, the San Antonio Zoo is a 50+ acre zoo that is home to over 750 species, some of which are endangered or extinct in the wild.

Additionally, it operates non-animals attractions like the 1956-opened, two-foot-narrow-gauge San Antonio Zoo Eagle train ride, which makes use of three Chance Rides C.P. Huntington locomotives. In 1948, the Richard Friedrich Aquarium first opened. Before SeaWorld San Antonio opened its doors in 1988, it was the only aquarium in the city.

The San Antonio Zoo got its start in 1914 when Colonel George Washington Brackenridge, a prominent member of the community, set up bison, deer, monkeys, African lions, and bears on property he had donated to the city. Brackenridge Park and Golf Course was built on the property. In November 1929, the San Antonio Zoo opened two of the country's first cageless exhibits, giving visitors a glimpse of the animals that was not possible in caged exhibits. 1948 saw the dedication of the Richard Friedrich Aquarium, and 1966 saw the opening of the Colonel Frederick C. Hixon-funded Hixon Bird House.

The entire family will enjoy exploring the 56 acres and more than 8,500 animals. In the 1800s, George W. Brackenridg gave a grant that helped start the San Antonio Zoo. The bird collection is one of the greatest in the world, and two of the first cage-free exhibits in the United States were established here in 1929.

The best time to visit San Antonio is from November to April, when the weather is pleasant and accommodation rates are lower. Allow at least two hours, but up to four hours to truly experience everything the zoo has to offer. The biggest influx of both domestic and international tourists occurs in the summer.

The San Antonio Zoo has been actively involved in the breeding program for this critically endangered species since it housed the first addra gazelle herd in captivity in 1969. The San Antonio Zoo has historically housed a large diversity of hoofstock species because San Antonio was the original location of the hoofstock quarantine site. Black rhinos, leopards, golden lion tamarins, dama gazelles, Attwater's prairie chickens (housed and bred off-exhibit), African lions, black-footed ferrets, Komodo dragons, Andean condors, and Caribbean flamingos are just a few of the endangered species that the zoo is involved in breeding.

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