The Cockrell Butterfly Center Admission in Houston

Houston Texas, The Brown Hall of Entomology and the Cockrell Butterfly Center offer family-friendly entertainment and instruction. Take a stroll through a habitat for a living butterfly, awe at amazing live and preserved specimens of some of the biggest and strangest arthropods in the world, and delight in interactive games and quizzes.

In addition to bug displays in Brown Hall, there are hundreds of butterflies in a walk-through rainforest habitat. Take advantage of the Cockrell Butterfly Center and Brown Hall of Entomology at the Houston, TX Museum of Natural Science to immerse yourself in the world of butterflies and insects.

City of Houston TX with the admission ticket, you have access to both exhibits, where you can view both living and preserved specimens and learn more about them through engaging games and displays. Get a close-up look at a variety of insects, explore a rainforest setting with a three-floor butterfly habitat, and visit a children's play area.

Museum of Natural Science is home to the Cockrell Butterfly Center. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entry: This requires a separate ticket cost. Full price admission is $12 for those over 12 and $10 for those between the ages of 3 and 11. If only visiting the Butterfly Center.

Please be warned that service animals may find this live animal display to be overpowering. We reserve the right to ask your assistance animal to leave this section of the museum if it or the animals there act aggressively, vocalize, or urinate or excrete.

Enter a spectacular, 50-foot waterfall-surrounded, three-story glass building! The Cockrell Butterfly Center is well renowned for its immersive walk-through butterfly habitat, but there is much more to discover. This replicated tropical rainforest is brimming with exotic vegetation.

Investment property loans Houston, Get a close-up look at a variety of insects, explore a rainforest setting with a three-floor butterfly habitat, and visit a children's play area.

Go to the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science during your visit, and present your admission ticket to get access to the exhibit. Continue on to the Brown Hall of Entomology to see mounted specimens, life-size insect models, and living insects. Explore the exhibits to look for species that can be hidden, observe leaf cutter ants at work, learn how insects may be used to solve crimes, view enormous wasp nests, and see some of Houston's biggest cockroaches.

Watch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis, dry their wings, and then be released into the rainforest at the Chrysalis Corner. On the main floor of The Land of Beyond, children can play in a huge beehive, make bug rubbings, read insect picture books, and put puzzles together.

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