Southwest Management District

Houston, Texas, in the United States, is home to the Southwest Management District, originally known as Greater Sharpstown Management District. Sharpstown, Chinatown, Mahatma Gandhi District/Little India, Westwood, Harwin, and University are the six neighborhoods that make up the district. The Texas Legislature established a management district to oversee it.

The district is located on land that is roughly 10 square miles (26 km2) in size and is bordered to the north by the Westpark Tollway, to the south by Interstate 69/U.S. Route 59 and Bissonnet, to the west by Beltway 8, and to the east by Hillcroft.

Private money lenders in Houston's most culturally diverse area, the Southwest Management District promotes economic development, public safety, public health, and other goals.

The District offers programs and services in addition to those supplied by the City of Houston and Harris County in accordance with its Service Plan, which was enacted in June 2005. The cost of the services is covered by a 6 cent property value assessment on all commercial properties, including apartments. Property that is exempt or residential is not assessed. The district is governed by a nine-member, entirely volunteer board of directors made up of proprietors of nearby business properties. The Houston City Council appoints and approves the members.

The Southwest Management District is ideally located to provide resources and improve the quality of life for both business owners and people and is rich in diverse culture and heritage. Our mission is to positively impact Public Safety, Economic Development, Environmental and Urban Design, Mobility and Transportation to help create an environment attractive to business, residents, and visitors alike and to promote the redevelopment and growth of the area. The Sharpstown area is a premier business and residential area with plenty of vacant land still available. The Southwest Management District, which is well situated in Houston's rapidly expanding southwest area, offers something for everyone.

Three patrol divisions of the Houston Police Department cover the area. most of the northern and western regions of the U.S. The Westside Patrol Division covers the westernmost part of Greater Sharpstown, while the Midwest Patrol Division covers the areas along Route 59. The Midwest Patrol Division operates the Ranchester Storefront along Bellaire Boulevard in the new Chinatown and in Greater Sharpstown. The Fondren Patrol Division covers the areas south and east of U.S. 59. The area that is now in the Midwest Patrol Division was formerly in the Westside Patrol Division.

The building, which was formerly a business college, was bought by the city in November 2007. On March 1st, 2010, the facility's activities got underway. The purchase and renovation procedure took two years, and the station's official grand opening took place on April 27, 2010. The patrol division of the station is staffed by 159 police officers and civilians. There are also two narcotics teams and an IFR unit.

The building has 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) of unfurnished space for potential growth as well as furnished space for two more investigative squads. The structure features an 80-person in-service training room and a room that serves as a public meeting area. A gym, a jail cell for class C inmates, separate rooms for men and women, a break room, a kitchenette, full-sized lockers for staff members, an emergency generator, an ice maker, and hurricane supplies are all included in the building.

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