El Paso High School

El Paso High School, which is a member of the El Paso Independent School District, is the city's longest continuously operational high school. It provides service to the city's west-central region, generally south and west of the Franklin Mountains and north of Interstate 10 up to Executive Center Boulevard. The three elementary schools in its feeder pattern—Lamar, Mesita, and Vilas—graduate from Wiggs Middle School, which feeds it.

El Paso High, often known as "The Lady on the Hill," is located at the base of the Franklin Mountains, overlooking the city's center and the border with Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. It dominates the horizon and commands a view of the city. The Greco-Roman design of El Paso High, which was created by the architectural company Trost & Trost, makes it a distinctive landmark in the community.

West Central El Paso has always had an unquestionably stunning, if imposing, campus since it first welcomed students in 1916. El Paso High School, also known as "The Lady on the Hill" because of its perch on a mountain overlooking the city, has a striking silhouette that has almost immediately made it a recognized landmark.

El Paso High School is a high school in El Paso, Texas, in the El Paso ISD school district. It is well-known for its cross country, track and field, tennis, and volleyball teams. In the 2020–2021 academic year, 1,508 people attended. 60.1% of kids were thought to be at risk of quitting school.

In terms of important indicators of college and career preparedness, this school is roughly on par with the state average; nevertheless, depending on the state, average can mean that only a minority of students are prepared for both. It is understandable why high schools are frequently seen as hotbeds of ghosts and other related paranormal activity given the sheer volume of individuals who travel through them in their lifetimes and the strong emotions at play.

High school can be both the best and the worst time in a person's life, and the intensity of these frequently conflicting emotions has a way of sticking with you whether you want it to or not. What qualifies a high school as one of the most spooky ones in the country, then?El Paso High has always possessed a special elegance that has distinguished it from every other building in the city. Its distinctive Greco-Roman architecture has made it distinctive from the moment it was built. The halls' marble floors provide distinction, and the classrooms' excellent hardwood floors do the same. Jones Stadium, which has a capacity of 12,000 and holds the distinction of being one of the earliest concrete stadiums in the US, is also noteworthy.

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