Guided Sunset Kayak Tour in Austin, Texas

Stunning views of the Downtown Austin skyline, interesting information on the neighborhood bat colony, and the opportunity to watch the 1.5 million Mexican Free-Tailed bats that come out of the well-known bat bridge are all included in our Sunset Bat Tour. The Congress Avenue Bridge is only a short distance from where we are.

You want to take a kayak out on the lake to see the bats. A guided kayak excursion is now available from Thursday through Saturday evenings on Capital Cruises. A 1.5 to 2 hour tour is included in the $30 per person fee. Views of the city's skyline are available, and you can also observe the growth of the biggest urban bat colony on Earth!

With Austin Kayak Tours & Rentals, we use the sit-on-top kayak and SUPATX Paddleboards to combine safety, enjoyment, and educational opportunities with a respect for the outdoors.

Get off the beaten path and take the Bat Bridge Kayak trip with Austin Kayak Tours & Rentals to see the beauty of kayaking in Austin, TX. We have been using kayaks to demonstrate to visitors the finest approach to take in the natural treasures in and around the Austin metropolitan region. Our passion is for it. Austin, Texas, is surrounded by clean rivers and waterways that are ideal for kayaking, bird viewing, and bat watching.

Whether it's your first time in a kayak or your hundredth, our knowledgeable guides offer professional training and interpretation while also offering the highest quality kayaks and gear.

Take a leisurely paddle around Lady Bird Lake with your amiable guide as they provide intriguing tidbits about the city. We are only a short distance from the Congress Avenue Bridge. Enjoy breathtaking views of the sunset reflecting off the city skyscrapers as the sun starts to set. You can only see it from the lake, and it's a sight you'll definitely remember. This tour is the ideal way to experience Austin's beautiful natural surroundings, wildlife, and skyline. Spend a tranquil evening on the water with us while taking in the fresh lake breeze.

Come spend a nice evening on Town Lake with us as we watch the sun set over the Austin skyline! It is a simple guided tour and the ideal way to wrap up your time in Austin. You'll get to see stunning sunsets that sparkle across the ocean and radiate off the downtown towers! Make your reservation right away for a fantastic way to experience Austin from a different perspective!

From the seat of one of our sit-on-top kayaks, take enjoy the breathtaking sunset over Jessica Hollis Park's lake Austin waters. Discover the chilly, clear water right below Mansfield Dam as the sun sets, and enjoy a sunset panorama of Lake Austin. During this 90-minute tour, our instructors will impart their knowledge on Austin's most priceless water supply. All necessary equipment and training are given, but if you have a headlamp, please bring it. No prior kayaking expertise is required, making it ideal for everyone. Hope you'll join us; this is such a beautiful time of day to be on the ocean!

Check-in is necessary 30 minutes prior to departure. To find out the departure/arrival time, check your confirmation. Bring a small cooler with food or beverages if you like (no glass please). All necessary safety gear is provided, and tandem kayaks will be paired up for group reservations (single kayaks may be available upon arrival depending on inventory). Kayakers must be under 250 pounds and be able to paddle (basic instruction is offered). Tour is subject to the elements. On the dock, there are lockers for personal items.

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