East Austin

Diverse East Austin is a growing neighborhood. Bungalows from the early 1900s give way to contemporary condos, and hip cocktail bars coexist alongside renowned Franklin Barbecue and other Southern-style eateries. The French Legation Museum chronicles the Republic of Texas era in a structure constructed in 1841. Other museums explore the African-American experience and musical heritage of the city. Hipsters frequent East Cesar Chavez for music, art, and cocktails.

For those who want to enjoy Downtown without the high expenditures, East Austin is the ideal neighborhood. It used to be considered dangerous or to have a reputation for being a tough neighborhood. But now that has all changed, and it has earned a respectable 37/50 on our list of the best neighborhoods in Austin.

The eclectic and trendy eastside area of Austin, which is frequently cited as the city's fastest-growing neighborhood, has a thriving new restaurant scene and has grown in popularity as a place to call home for many Austin residents. Due to its distinct atmosphere and culture, East Austin is frequently referred to as a "genuine" image of Austin.

East Austin is a remarkably diversified neighborhood with a strong focus on promoting regional businesses and sustainable living. On every corner are bungalows housing trendy cocktail bars. You're sure to come across some of the best street art in the city, and the restaurant scene is diverse! There are plenty of new properties always emerging, whether you're looking to rent or buy.

Known for providing people with a high quality of life and a pleasant vibe, the hip and stylish area. great vintage and boutique stores with interesting items. A wide variety of kitschy and hip bars and breweries can be found in East Austin. You simply can't go wrong by aimlessly walking down Cesar Chavez or East 6th Street and popping into any establishment you see!

If coffee is your preferred beverage, you can find Cenote on East Cesar Chavez and Cuvee Coffee Bar on East 6th. Additionally, we endorse Quickie Pickie on East 11th. Although east Austin has a reputation for being seedy, dilapidated, and dangerous in some local circles, it may actually be the most diverse and fascinating area of the city.

This area of the city is older, and you can discover a combination of old and new buildings here, as well as quiet, proud neighborhoods and a thriving nightlife, as well as ethnic working-class areas next to contemporary condos and new commercial development. Young singles like to live in the western area because of its convenience to downtown Austin.

The working-class, ethnic communities with smaller, well-kept homes, condensed yards, and strong sense of community are found further east. There are no homeowner associations in this area, allowing for some artistic freedom in the painting of murals and the coloring of houses. There are some well-kept city parks in the eastern parts, which flank the lake.

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