Del Valle, Texas

Del Valle is an edge city of Austin that is defined by its airport and is a component of the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos MSA. The largest given property area in Travis County at the time, the Santiago Del Valle leagues, served as its foundation.

Southeast Travis County, Texas, in the United States, is where it is an unincorporated area. It has no established borders and no municipal government of its own. However, Austin annexed other areas, including Austin-Bergstrom International Airport's location, in 1990. The city later expanded into more Del Valle areas to the east, most recently in 2013. (8 to 13 miles southeast of downtown Austin). Recent industrial projects include Tesla's, valued at $60 million, for which Del Valle Independent School District has provided significant tax relief.

Del Valle is a lovely area of southwest Austin, TX. It has its own school district despite being an unincorporated community without a formal municipal government. Maps make it quite simple to distinguish between natural boundaries like rivers and oceans and artificial ones like borders. Both types of boundary lines can be found along Austin's boundaries. In certain locations, like the lower right corner of the southeast border, the city appears to pixelate and fall apart in blocks, while other lines on the map flow like the water they trace.

Del Valle, an unincorporated community with a school district and a library but no independent government, is located inside those blocks. Del Valle did not incorporate like other small towns in the area, and since Austin seized its most populous parts, it is unlikely that it will ever have the chance. For many people, the boundaries of the community are established by the Del Valle School District. Despite this, a person's location within the boundaries of the school district is not a good indicator of whether they actually reside in Del Valle. For starters, a lot of communities included in Del Valle ISD are unquestionably not in Del Valle. Both Creedmoor and Mustang Ridge are independent cities. Additionally, a large portion of Del Valle ISD students reside in Austin itself, in a district whose borders, in the classic Texan style, zigzag and loop around residential areas in odd shapes. According to Fred McGhee's 2014 book Austin's Montopolis Neighborhood, the Montopolis line between the Austin and Del Valle independent school districts is still a mess. "A researched example of gerrymandering is the border between the Austin and Del Valle independent school districts."

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