Austin Murder Walk

The city of Austin was home to the nation's first serial murderer in 1885, who prowled the streets and back alleys. He earned the moniker "Midnight Assassin," yet nobody knows who he really is. Learn about his misdeeds while you visit historic Austin, including West 6th Street, Guy Town, and the Warehouse District on this guided evening walking tour. You'll also stop for a drink at the Driskill Hotel.

How the renowned Driskill Hotel fits into the narrative of the "Servant Girl Annihilator" will be thoroughly explained by our knowledgeable guides. You may walk the lobby of this magnificent hotel, which Colonel William "Jessie" Driskill built in the same year of the murders, 1885, and see the striking portrait of the man who conceived it. (This stop is subject to Driskill's rules and operating hours and is available most nights, but not always.) All tours will get a close-up view of this lovely hotel and discover its history.

The youthful, developing city of Austin was home to the first serial killer in American history in 1885. This monster used an ax to viciously and methodically kill eight women, which is more scary than any ghost story. He terrorized a city for a full calendar year, earning the nickname "midnight assassin". He was never apprehended, and it's still unknown who he is. With a duration of one hour and forty-five minutes, this trip is the longest we provide. It covers two miles of old Austin and stops at West 6th Street, Guy Town, the Warehouse District, and the Driskill Hotel for a drink. The pace is slow, and there are brief breaks in addition to a drink stop at the Driskill (drinks not included).

Join us for this extraordinary true crime walking tour as we explore the precise crime scenes and the various hypotheses surrounding the midnight assassin. This tour is "killer."

Your party will be led by one of our knowledgeable true crime storytellers as they tour areas of Austin's famed 6th Street neighborhood. View vintage images of 6th Street to see how it appeared during the killings in 1885 and then watch it come to life.

The "real crime" walking tour of Austin, which lasts an hour and a half and covers two miles of old Austin, is the longest of all. It includes stops at Guy Town, the Warehouse District, West 6th Street, and the fabled Driskill Hotel.

It's important to visit the Speakeasy Tavern at 412 Congress Avenue to learn more about one of the potential killers of the servant girls. As they lead you inside, our knowledgeable tour guides will describe how this place fits into the overall plot of this true crime mystery. You can get a drink at the bar and take in the tavern's history while you're at the Speakeasy.

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