Grand Ole Opry

George D. Hay established the Grand Ole Opry on November 28, 1925, as an hour-long radio "barn dance" on WSM. The Grand Ole Opry is a weekly American country music stage performance in Nashville, TN. It has been broadcast on radio for the longest period of time in US history, and Opry Entertainment currently owns and runs it.

The Opry, which honors country music and its history, features a variety of well-known singers and current top performers who perform gospel, country, bluegrass, Americana, and folk songs as well as comedy performances and skits. It draws millions of radio and online listeners as well as tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world. The program grew to four hours and hired experts in the 1930s.

The program became a Saturday night musical institution in nearly 30 states because of WSM, which was broadcasting at 50,000 watts by that time. It had its national radio premiere on NBC Radio in 1939. In 1943, the Opry relocated to the Ryman Auditorium, which served as its new home. Nashville, Tennessee, which became known as "the capital of country music" in America, grew in importance alongside it.

The program grew to four hours and hired experts in the 1930s. The show became a Saturday night musical institution in nearly 30 states thanks to WSM, which by that time was broadcasting at 50,000 watts. You can walk the beautifully maintained grounds in front of the Opry for free, and entry to the lobby and gift shop are both free as well. Additionally, there are vendors outside the opry where you may get a drink or a short snack before the show starts.

On November 28, 1925, the WSM Barn Dance debuted as the Grand Ole Opry in the brand-new fifth-floor radio studio of the National Life & Accident Insurance Company in downtown Nashville. On October 17, 1925, management launched a program with "Dr. Humphrey Bate and his string quartet of old-time musicians," and on November 2 WSM hired long-time announcer and program director George D. Hay, a pioneer from the National Barn Dance program at WLS in Chicago who was also named the most well-liked radio announcer in America as a result of his radio work with both WLS and WMC in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Grand Ole Opry is the world's longest-running radio show, whether it be for country music or not, and is frequently referred to as "country's most famous stage." The Opry has had a weekly show on the radio since November 28, 1925, for more than 4,600 continuous Saturday nights.Unless there are special activities taking place at the Grand Ole Opry House, we are able to run the tours every day of the week for around 45 minutes. I'm hoping you'll stop by soon.

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