Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

The Bicentennial Mall, also known as Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, is a city state park in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. The park was established on June 1, 1996, to mark the 200th anniversary of Tennessee's statehood and is situated northwest of the Tennessee State Capitol building.

The Bicentennial Capitol Mall, which lies in the shadow of the Capitol in the heart of Nashville, serves as a permanent memorial to Tennessee's bicentennial celebration, which took place on June 1, 1996, and offers tourists a glimpse into the state's history and natural marvels. Visitors to the 11-acre park can learn about many aspects of Tennessee's history with just a short stroll, including a 200-foot granite map of the state, a World War II Memorial, a 95-Bell Carillon, a Pathway of History, and the Tennessee State Capitol.

Native plant species from various parts of the state are shown in the eleven planters along the Walkway of Counties. For those planning a self-guided tour of the park, the two-page park map is a useful and educational resource.

Tennessee's historic past is honored at Bicentennial State Park. This park houses the WWII veterans' memorial and is within a few blocks from downtown Nashville. The fountains are open to visitors, and there is a promenade that celebrates each county in Tennessee. There is a 200-foot-long granite map of the state, as well as the aforementioned area with 31 vertical fountains honoring each of the state's important waterways. Live concerts are presented in the amphitheater throughout the summer. This is the perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy a snack, and allow the music change the course of your day or evening. Bicentennial State Park is the place to go if you just want to unwind, listen to music, and get away from the bustle of city life.

The park's self-guided excursions are likewise quite well-liked. Customers can print the map from our website or pick one up at the park office. The distance is about 0.9 miles. With fantastic areas for events of all kinds and a breathtaking view of the State Capitol and Capitol Hill, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park is a superb location. More than 2,200 people can sit comfortably in the amphitheater, which was constructed in the style of Greek architecture. Everything from small, private weddings to the Nashville Symphony has taken place here.

The Tennessee State Capitol's east, west, and south sides vanished from view during the downtown Nashville urban development boom in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Due to the numerous places between the Capitol and the Cumberland River that were swampy, the northern side of the Capitol was not suitable for the development of skyscrapers. Because of its natural features, the historic French Lick preserved the last remaining vista of the Capitol and became the location of the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. The French Lick brought wildlife, Native Americans, trappers, and settlers to what would become Nashville.

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