Adventure Science Center

If you are spending time in the Nashville area, there is a non-profit children's science museum called Adventure Science Center. The museum offers more than 175 interactive hands-on exhibits with topics like biology, physics, hearing, speaking, thinking, air and space, energy, and earth science.

For students, teachers, and families in Middle Tennessee and all over the country for more than 75 years, Adventure Science Center has made science come to life. Through interactive, hands-on displays, creative programming, and full-dome shows in the state-of-the-art Sudekum Planetarium, the science center provides entertaining science learning opportunities.

More than 15,000 square feet of display space at Adventure Science Center will develop into more thrilling experiences over the course of the following three years. The scientific center offers something for everyone, from an engaging investigation of infinity to an interactive climbing tower.

Discover the wonders of biology, physics, chemistry, medicine, space, earth science, technology, and more by engaging in one of the more than 175 thrilling hands-on science displays and activities spread across 44,000 square feet. Discover a cutting-edge planetarium that offers both adults and children breathtaking full-dome films, laser displays, and ascents into the heavens.

Enjoy daily live science demonstrations that have won awards, as well as laboratories and science cafes that are given by a distinguished team of scientist educators. The mission of the Adventure Science Center is to develop educational opportunities that encourage a deeper understanding of both the self and the world around us by introducing people to the wonders of science and technology. An autonomous, non-profit institution for science, education, and exploration, Adventure Science Center.

The Adventure Science Center works to create a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us by introducing everyone to the wonders of science and technology. More than 20,000 visitors receive discounted or free entry to the science center each year, and teachers and MNPS children continue to receive free entrance.

An independent, nonprofit science and technology facility is called Adventure Science Center. We are committed to providing cutting-edge, engaging educational opportunities that spark curiosity about the wonders of science and technology and promote a deeper understanding of both the self and the world. Our 44,000 square foot facility, perched atop a hill with breathtaking views of the city, has more than 175 interactive exhibits covering biology, astronomy, physics, earth science, energy, weather, sound, and space. It also houses the state-of-the-art Sudekum Planetarium.

With planetarium shows to catch, live science demonstrations to see, and mind-blowing hands-on exhibits to experience, you don't want to miss anything on your to-do list. The organization was founded in 1945 as the Children's Museum of Nashville, thanks to the vision of naturalist John Ripley Forbes. To make the most of your visit to the Adventure Science Center, plan your itinerary in advance using their interactive Plan Your Adventure tool.

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