Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

The 380 acres of rolling meadows, wooded areas, and lakefront land that make up the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina, (just west of Charlotte) are home to this botanical garden. The enticing garden location has been frequented by the locals for a very long time. Native Americans from the Catawba and Cherokee tribes used to trap, fish, hunt, and raise families in this area. Early European inhabitants later called the region home. Despite the fact that a large portion of the site is covered in mature deciduous woodlands and pine forest, the garden's meadowlands have recently been used as grazing for livestock.

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden has a very long historical connection while being a relatively recent institution. In 1795, the French botanist André Michaux traversed the garden's grounds on horseback and foot. In Gaston County, not far from the present garden, Michaux discovered new plants, among them the Bigleaf Magnolia.

Witness the splendor of the bloom! One of the most wonderful Charlotte attractions that can not be missed is the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.

It is the vivacious hue of flowers and the soft drizzle of rain falling from the leaves. They hang on robust trees and are a riot of brilliant pinks and lush, bright greens. One of Charlotte's greatest sources of pride and joy is the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, which speaks of beauty that only nature could produce. Additionally, this visit is remarkable because of a well-kept garden and some of that renowned North Carolina sunshine. 30 acres of magnificent gardens, including a children's garden, a conservatory for the display of tropical plants and orchids, a Dry Piedmont Prairie, annual and perennial displays, shimmering fountains, walking trails, and more, are accessible from the breath-taking Visitor Pavilion.

Although our wheelchair and mini-crossers are free, we would appreciate a gift to assist cover operating expenses. You can achieve this by going to the store right away after arriving. Stowe has many seats where you may stop and rest while strolling.

The Orchid Conservatory is the only open-air conservatory in the area that only displays tropical plants. It was established in January 2008 and has a large collection of plants that allow visitors to gain knowledge of tropical ecosystems all around the world. A variety of orchids will be on exhibit all year long. The garden exhibits its Orchid Spectacular each winter.

The orchid conservatory transforms the garden into a year-round destination for the general public as well as local schoolchildren. The subjects covered in school depend on the time of year and the age group, but the majority center on either horticulture and gardening, a branch of life science, or conservation. The set of curriculum-based educational initiatives, created especially for kindergarten through fifth grade levels, satisfies requirements set forth by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Additionally, the garden offers year-round special events and seminars on topics including ceramics, herb-infused cooking, and gardening and landscape design.

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