In Charlotte, NC, there is a 407-acre amusement park called Carowinds that is close to Interstate 77. The park is split between Fort Mill, South Carolina, and the states of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Follow the adrenaline! Carowinds, owned by Paramount, is a frantic, heart-pounding, grin-inducing nirvana. As you race through the tracks or spend the day looking for your favorite games, boredom is not an option here.

The park cost $70 million to build and debuted on March 31, 1973. A four-year planning process led by Charlotte industrialist Earl Patterson Hall produced the end outcome. The 27-acre (11 hectare) water park Carolina Harbor, which is a part of Carowinds and is owned and run by Cedar Fair, is included in park entry. The park hosts the WinterFest winter event and SCarowinds Halloween event. Carowinds spans a whopping 407 acres, giving you a ton of space to walk around and create some memories. Not to mention that you'll need at least a whole day to enjoy the sun with 14 rollercoasters and 7 water rides.

When Carowinds was first announced on October 10, 1969, it was envisioned as a sizable resort community with an NFL stadium, hotels, a shopping mall, a golf course, and a theme park. The name Carowinds, which is a combination of the words Carolina and winds and refers to the winds that blow between the two states, was developed from the park's initial concept of the history and culture of the Carolinas. On May 1st, 1970, the foundation was laid, with an anticipated April 1972 opening. The park finally opened on March 31, 1973, after a number of inclement weather-related building delays, and was operated by the Carowinds Corporation, a group of regional investors led by Hall.

They added six new zones: PBS Kids World Of Fun, Cartoon Network City, Hanna Barbara Land, South Park, and MTV Carnival. Paramount In Late Winter 2017, Paramount Parks and Unused Carowinds Will Become Paramount's Carowinds, The Planet Snoopy Area Area Will Be Rethemed Into Nickelodeon Universe Area, And Old Rides Formerly Themed To Paramount Movies Will Come Back. likewise ROBLOXLand. The majority of the rides have Paramount Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, PBS Kids, and Roblox themes.

Carolina Goldrusher is the oldest roller coaster at Carowinds, having debuted on March 31, 1973, the same day the park opened. It is owned and operated by Cedar Fair and includes a 27-acre (11 ha) water park called Carolina Harbor as part of park admission. This roller coaster is full of swagger and still generates as many screams as the day it first opened, so don't let that interesting fact deceive you.

One of the other Paramount-Rebirth Parks, Paramount's Carowinds is a theme park situated near Charlotte, North Carolina. Currently, Paramount Parks is the owner (From 1993-2006; 2017-present). formerly owned by Cedar Fair, Kings Entertainment Company, and Taft Broadcasting (1982–1992) (2006-2016).

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