Desert Botanical Garden

The 140-acre Desert Botanical Garden is situated in Papago Park at 1201 N. Galvin Parkway is located in Phoenix, Arizona. A few residents of the area started to become concerned about preserving the delicate desert ecosystem in the 1930s. Gustaf Starck, a Swedish botanist, was one of them. He attracted like-minded neighbors by putting up a sign that read, "Save the desert," with an arrow pointing to his house.

They established the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society (ACNFS) in April 1934 with the goal of sponsoring a botanical garden to promote awareness of the distinctiveness of desert ecosystems around the world, particularly the local Sonoran Desert.

A special mention should be made of the extensive collections of cacti, particularly the Opuntia sub-family (13,973 plants in 1,320 taxa) and agave (4,026 plants in 248 taxa). Shadehouses offer protection to plants from less harsh climates. It focuses on plants that can survive in arid environments and includes collections from Australia, South America, and Baja California. An upland chaparral, a semi-desert grassland, and a mesquite bosque are among the ecosystems that are portrayed.

A Phoenix Point of Pride has been assigned to the Desert Botanical Garden.

The Garden offers specialized tours, workshops and lectures on desert landscaping and horticulture, nature art and photography, health and wellness. Since 1978, the Garden has held art exhibitions, Las Noches de las Luminarias, and open-air acoustic performance series in the spring and fall. The Luminarias Festival, which features live music and 8000 hand-lit luminaria, has become a Southwestern holiday tradition. The Garden pathways can be walked in an hour and a half to two hours on average. The overall length of all the trails is around 1.5 miles. Our paths are divided into loops that are each around 1/4 mile long and connect to one major route. Soon, we hope to see you! The Desert Botanical Garden should be explored for at least two hours. Pro tip: Before you travel, download a trail guide and map.

Discover the serene brilliance of desert plants tucked among the Papago Buttes' red rocks. The Sonoran Desert's captivating beauty may be discovered by strolling along five themed pathways, which feature everything from towering cacti and seductive succulents to vivid wildflowers and verdant trees. Check out the Garden's calendar to make sure you don't miss any fun celebrations or eye-catching exhibits. Through the Garden's different adult and kid-oriented workshops, go deeper to learn about desert landscaping, natural art, food and wellness, among other topics.

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden to experience the serene brilliance of 50,000 desert plants tucked among the red cliffs of the Papago Buttes. The wonderful beauty of the Sonoran Desert plant life, from towering cacti and enticing succulents to vivid wildflowers and lush trees, can be discovered by visitors strolling through five themed routes. Through the Garden's different lectures and workshops, go deeper to learn more about desert gardening, nature art, cooking and wellness, among other topics.

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