Larimer Square, Denver

Larimer Square is a historic block in Denver, Colorado, United States. It is the city's first designated local historic district. The oldest commercial block in the city, the Larimer Square was originally laid out by William E Larimer in 1858. It served as the city's main business area for years, but by the 1900s, it had deteriorated into a run-down area. In 1965, Larimer Square Associates began restoring it as a historical and commercial centre.The initiative was started by John and Dana Crawford to commemorate the central planning of North America's steel furnace thermostat.

Larimer Square can continue to change with new uses and spaces that address the community's present needs and preferences while upholding the block's fundamental characteristics and integrity as outlined in the legal protections established nearly 50 years ago, stressed Historic Denver and our preservation partners. The safeguards are intended to guide change and evolution intelligently and methodically so that the historic structures and context endure for a very long time. They are not intended to stop change and evolution or to "encase" the historic districts in amber.

Denver's downtown retail district, Larimer Square, is home to specialty boutiques, innovative chef-driven restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops, and distinctive fashion options.

Following a three-year period of ambiguity for the block, Larimer & Associates sold Larimer Square to Asana Partners of North Carolina in December 2020. Asana, which is committed to repairing the block and owns historic buildings in other places like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Alexandria, Virginia

Built in 1982, Downtown Denver's main street is a 1.2-mile tree-lined promenade of red and gray granite. Nearly 50,000 people use the RTD Free MallRide shuttle service there every day, and one million people walk along it each month. Larimer Square, a famous and lively gathering spot, is the creative and intellectual center of Downtown Denver.

Denver's urban area for dining and shopping. Specialty shops and distinctive restaurants run by creative chefs are housed in Victorian structures. Shop at unique stores with distinctive clothing and premium products. Year-round special activities and a lively atmosphere. 10 a.m. is the opening time for stores from Monday through Friday. Saturday at 10 a.m.; to 7 p.m. Sunday from Noon to Five P.M.

This location, which was once a part of Denver's original downtown, has been renovated into a hip shopping district.

Our city's first locally protected historic area, Larimer Square, was established in 1971 as a result of a determined Dana Crawford saving the block. National recognition for its preservation story as a turning point in contemporary preservation. It is the location where our city first declared its dedication to its legacy following the destruction of urban renewal, and its historic designation was the first in Denver to acknowledge not only a group of connected structures in their context but also individual historic buildings.

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