Central Park, Denver

Denver, Colorado's city borders include the neighborhood known as Central Park, formerly known as Stapleton. The area sits on the former site of the defunct Stapleton International Airport, which shut down in 1995, and is situated east of downtown Denver. Within the boundaries of the city of Denver, it is the largest residential district.

RTD's A line, a recently launched commuter rail service that connects the downtown Denver transportation hub to Denver International Airport, has been linking the Central Park neighborhood to the Denver metropolitan region since April 2016.

There are several different architectural styles in the area (from ultra modern to traditional). Alley-loaded garages are seen in the great majority of single-family residences. As well, several housing kinds exist (including single-family, condos, live-work townhomes, row homes, duplexes, and high-density apartments).

One of the wealthiest zip codes with the highest average household income in the Denver metro area is the 80238 (which covers practically the whole Central Park community and is wholly within the neighborhood).

Planners thought about how the abandoned Stapleton Airport would be developed while Denver International Airport was being built. The Stapleton Development Foundation, a private organization of Denver civic leaders, met in 1990 and created a master plan for the area in 1995, emphasizing a pedestrian-oriented design as opposed to the automobile-oriented designs present in many other planned developments. A public park was supposed to be created on almost a third of the airport property.

The commuter rail and bus station in Central Park offers direct routes to Union Station in the city's core and the Denver International Airport through the A Line. The A Line can reach a top speed of 79 mph, but it rarely does. The 270 interchange and the east and west I-70 corridors are both directly accessible from Central Park. Central Park is served by the RTD in the Denver metro area and features bus lines that cross east-west and north-south. There are also lots of designated bike lanes and trails.

Central Park, one of Denver's top districts for living and visiting, is known for its close-knit community, small shops, open space, and entertainment venues.

The 80 acres of the park include great pathways, a sizable playground, and a magnificent view of the Rocky Mountains. The majority of the park, which is close to the Central Park area, is open space with some gentle hills and a tiny pond. There are many places to have a picnic and a covered pavilion.

This year, Central Park ranks third (out of five) in reported violent crime, fourth in domestic violence, first in property crime, third in assaults, second in robberies, and third in rapes. In addition to its abundance of scenic views, Central Park also provides us with a number of opportunities to enjoy time with friends and family, take in the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape, and visit important historical sites and landmarks. As there are so many sides of Central Park, it can be difficult to pick just one.

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