The Incline

Near Colorado Springs, at Manitou Springs, Colorado, there is a popular hiking trail called the Manitou Springs Incline. The Manitou Incline or just the Incline are common names for it. Rocky Mountain's east slope, which is on Pikes Peak's eastern flank, is where the Incline climbs. A rock collapse in 1990 caused the route, which originally included a 3 foot small gauge funicular railway, to wash out.

The Manitou Incline is one of Colorado's most well-liked hiking routes. The climb is steep. It gains more than 2,000 feet in less than a mile. The base of the Incline at Manitou Springs is located across from the Cog Railroad and not far from the start of the Barr Trail.

The Incline's first summit house was a simple structure made out of scraps from the Incline's construction. In 1914, it burned down. The summit house was swiftly transformed into a more elaborate, cozy, and secure building that provided protection from the weather. The new summit house was erected in place of the 1914 building in 1958, and it lasted until it was demolished after the closure of the Incline. Up until a rock collapse in 1990 washed out the rail bed and the Pikes Peak Cog Railway decided not to restore the rails, the Incline was operated by the Cog Railway.

Discover this 4.0-mile circular trail in the Colorado community of Manitou Springs. It requires an average of 3 hours, 14 minutes to complete, and is generally thought of as a difficult course. Since hiking and strolling are fairly popular activities here, you can run into other people while exploring.

The Incline in Colorado Springs is renowned for its expansive vistas and steep grade, with an average grade of 45% and a maximum degree of 68% in some places. The gradient rises 2,011 feet in 0.88 miles of horizontal travel. The Incline currently has 2,744 steps from the base to the summit, even though the highest step is marked "2768". With trail upkeep and deterioration, the distance occasionally fluctuates. The Manitou Incline can still be hiked, however reservations can still be made through the Manitou Incline page on the City of Colorado Springs website.

Nearly 2,000 feet are gained in height within less than a mile on the Manitou Incline. Although it's not for the weak of heart, individuals from all spheres of existence have succeeded in climbing it. It is arguably the most distinctive and difficult trail in the nation, drawing runners, service members, Olympians, and hiking lovers from all over the world. The Manitou Incline is renowned above all for providing a challenging exercise.

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