Southeast Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Airport and Peterson Air Force Base are both nearby in southeast Colorado Springs. There are numerous stores, restaurants, and other retail options in this region.

This region expanded to accommodate the Colorado Springs Airport and the base that is presently Peterson Air Force Base. The median and average sales prices for homes in this neighborhood are toward the lower end. This location has a large variety of rental home options in addition to a ton of restaurants, shops, and retail establishments. Academy Boulevard, which cuts through the middle of this neighborhood, is home to both big-box retailers and mom-and-pop establishments.

The Southeast section of the city is still home to many historic structures and distinctive features from the 1950s and 1960s, when Colorado Springs must have appeared. The southeast area of Colorado Springs is currently prime for real estate development, although still having a somewhat rustic and dilapidated appearance. The southeast of Colorado Springs has two public school attendance districts, Harrison School District D2 and Colorado Springs School District D11, thanks to the quantity of less expensive and older homes being purchased for renovation. Both of these districts have a considerable number of programs and options. The area's principal zip code is 80910.

For a variety of reasons, people choose to reside in Colorado Springs' southeast. Many of the nearby military sites and downtown Colorado Springs are also easily accessible from this location. The southeast region of Colorado Springs is convenient and affordably priced, and it also provides a wide range of amenities. Definitely take a peek at this location if you're moving to the Pikes Peak area.

This area is up-and-coming, much like many of the more run-down areas are, with new businesses and construction projects to beautify this area more and more each day. It's the ideal location for military families, young families, and even professionals looking for a slightly lower cost of living than other areas of the city. There is a ton of cheap homes in this region of town, along with wonderful restaurants, quick access to retail areas, and I-25, even though it might not be as nice as the Cheyenne area.

One of the more compact parts of the city is southeast Colorado Springs. Due to its closeness to bases and the airport, a sizable portion of its population consists of military families. The southeast is also home to a small area of the city with a greater crime rate than the rest of the city (near the northern edge, where it merges with Central Colorado Springs).

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