Pikes Peak

In North America, Pikes Peak is the highest mountain of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. 12 miles west of Colorado Springs's city center, in Pike National Forest, stands the enormous 14,115-foot fourteener. At its base is the hamlet of Manitou Springs. Zebulon Pike, a pioneering American explorer, is honored by the mountain's name. The summit is higher than every location east of its longitude in the United States.

Although Pikes Peak, often known as America's Mountain, is the main draw, the route there is full with jaw-dropping sights. This 3.5-hour roundtrip ride and your initial view of the Summit are something you won't soon forget. Secure your seat on one of our numerous regular daily trips by purchasing your advance tickets today.

Zebulon Pike, an American adventurer, is recognized by the mountain's name (though he was unable to reach the summit). Take your time and enjoy the drive. The summit is higher than any location in the United States east of its longitude. It takes 38 miles to travel to and from the peak. Please have at least a half tank of gas and allow at least two hours for the roundtrip drive.

One of the 54 fourteeners in Colorado, or mountains higher than 14,000 feet (4,267.2 m), is Pikes Peak. The massive towers 8,000 feet (2,400 meters) above Colorado Springs's city center. An official National Historic Landmark is Pikes Peak. It is made of Pikes Peak granite, a distinctive pink granite.

On the northwest face of the mountain, close to the Pikes Peak Highway, is a tiny sub peak known as The Devil's Playground. The prominence is known as The Devil's Playground because lightning will occasionally dance about it during thunderstorms. Teller County's highest peak, The Devil's Playground, is around 13,075 feet above sea level (3,985 m).

The distance from the highway entrance to the Pikes Peak Summit is 19 miles, with 156 twists, and an elevation gain of 6,715 feet. Driving to the summit of Pikes Peak may sound terrifying, but as long as you exercise caution, use common sense, and abide by the rules, it is completely safe!

On the secure, beautiful Pikes Peak Highway, enjoy Pikes Peak at your leisure. As you wind your way through an alpine wonderland, mountain reservoirs, beyond timberline, and overtaking the clouds, you'll see some of the most spectacular views on earth. all the way to America's most renowned mountain's 14,115-foot summit.

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