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Stagnant funds are a waste of a resource. Consider investing your capital with EZ Hard Money Lender and give those dollars a chance to grow/multiply. EZ Hard Money Lender provides accredited Investors the opportunity to invest in our loans. We can accommodate for self-directed IRA's, Trusts, and personal investments.

EZ Hard Money Lender lends capital that fuels the "fix and flip" and non-owner occupied construction industry. Properties are purchased as investments and financed via short-term bridge loans. The short-term leverage allows investors a competitive advantage against other, would-be buyers. Institutional lenders are unable to underwrite and qualify borrowers in the short timeframes generally required by investors to close. Our borrowers depend on our capital to fuel their real estate investment businesses. The EZ Hard Money Lender model has been established to meet demands of a growing and competitive market.

Our loans are fairly liquid-able, risk-adverse investments which provide senior position debt to builders and property
​re-modelers. The collateral is a 1st Deed of Trust against the real estate. All loans are independently valued (no third party valuations), meet our minimum underwriting criteria, and are exclusively originated in-house by EZ Hard Money Lender.

Our loan terms rarely exceed 6-month terms to mitigate exposure in a changing market. We provide our Real Estate Investors the option to extend with lender approval only. The team's collective industry experience of over 40 years adds fundamental value to our strong underwriting process, structured to mitigate market and default risk.

Capital Investors are our partners, and the protection of their capital is our top priority. EZ Hard Money Lender Investors enjoy transparent accounting and reporting along with priority monthly (or compounded, if preferred) distributions. Investors own the fund, and we, as the Manager, are only compensated once Investors receive their distribution.

A consistent and dialed-in closing process leaves borrowers with an efficient and pleasant experience. The EZ Hard Money Lender Sales and Marketing teams intentionally build relationships with clients. From recognizing borrowers' work via various digital marketing forums to Annual Borrower Appreciation Nights, our borrowers know they are valued.
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EZ Hard Money Lender only lends for business purposes (non-owner occupied), and is either licensed or exempt from licensing requirements of all states in which it operates. We are consistent with Federal Fair Lending Laws. EZ Hard Money Lenders do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap, marital status, familial status or because all or part of your income may be derived from any public assistance program.
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